User Empowerment – Week 5

Have you ever thought about the fact that we are constantly connected? People, environment and technology are all examples of being apart of a network. Over the years being apart of a network has changed meaning. In the past it was mainly classified as a ‘Centralized Network’ but due to the fact phones allow us to access absolutely anything at any time means we are now a ‘Distributed Network’. We are able to broadcast whatever we want to at any time at not additional costs as well participate in what is going on all over the world. This is the power of networks. Networks have a negative side; how can one check the creditability of what we are reading, misinformation and propaganda.

I made this GIF to show how us as individuals are connected to what is going on anywhere in the world. Also had to add my Bimoji cause its my thing!

2 thoughts on “User Empowerment – Week 5

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  1. From time to time I always think about future generations and what they will be like having to always connected, unlike us they will be growing up with this ‘Distributed Network’ already influenced on them from such a young age. At times it’s a good thing to always been connected such as in emergencies, although in other aspects it’s so bad, like the issues you touched on in the blog- credibility, misinformation and propaganda. Your blog post summarises this weekly topic clearly, along with the GIF!


  2. Hey Taylor! I really enjoyed this post because it was simple to follow and an easy read. The only suggestion I could offer would be to include some hyperlinks to sources relevant to the post. I love what you do with your bitmoji, it’s a really cool idea!


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