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For my digital artefact this semester I decided to take on the challenge of running the social media accounts for my Dads new business. Thankfully there were already accounts on both Facebook and Instagram but were rarelyposted on. From here Dads goal was for me to post daily. This goal was not realistic, with the new goal to be a minimum of 2-3 times a week. I try to maintain this goal but since I am only at work 1 day a week, it can be challenging to maintain this. Dad also wanted TwoDoorsUp to have a website so that people are able to find out more about us and have access to our menu. This website will go live at the same time our new menu is introduced, there is yet to be a definite date set for this, but the menu is in its final stages. Another aspect is our live music sessions on a Sunday which is promoted weekly.

The utility of my project was to help my Dad out as well as gain the necessary skills to be able to run social media accounts. By posting regular and consistent content it enables our audience to keep up to date with everything that is happening within our café.



Our audience are middle aged residents within the Illawarra who enjoy a laid-back coffee experience with moderately priced food. Being so close to University Dad is wanting to attract more of a younger crowd, this is achieved through posting online as well as in the UOW page (by Dad)

The proposed production as stated in both my pitch and beta was to:

  • Post 3 times a week to both Facebook and Instagram
  • Continue to boost our Sunday Music Sessions
  • Continue with the website so it will coincide with the new menu
  • Gain more followers on Instagram

Other accounts that I have taken inspiration from include:

These cafes upload delicious looking photos, have a sufficient number of followers and manage to receive engagement on each of their posts.


Each date marked is a time where I uploaded an image to Instagram.

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For Instagram I’ve tried to upload images that were bright and enticing. By uploading a variety of images, it showcases what items we have available. Instagram is a place for specific content this is why our content on this platform is different from Facebook.

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Each image that is uploaded also receives hashtags which are posted in the comments. I try to use descriptions of what can be seen in the image as well as ones that relate to the Illawarra region. By using hashtags users are able to find out about our café through various channels.

Even through this project is over I will continue to upload regularly with similar content.

FAST:Easily post to Instagram from anywhere

INEXPENSIVE:Instagram is free, food uploaded is eaten by a staff member

SIMPLE:Dad or I take the image and it is then sent to me to upload

TINY:One person is directly in charge of running this account



Facebook is where various content is uploaded. Live music, art, specials, as well as the same images posted to Instagram

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Each week on a Friday, the artist performing on the Sunday is promoted in order to reach a wider audience. This has been very effective as each week we are overly busy! From here the next goal will be to add our events into the ‘What’s on in the gong’ so even more people can find out about us.

Dad emailed the Illawarra Mercury with our events for the rest of the year so now we do feature in their weekly ‘gig guide’.

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On Facebook we receive plenty of reach and engagement with the content that is currently being posted.

As mentioned in my project pitch, I wanted to update our pages information regarding ‘our business story’. This is still something that I am yet to do as Dad will need to input heavily and we both haven’t had the chance.

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FAST:Instantly upload images and videos to our audience

INEXPENSIVE:Facebook is free although when promoting weekly events, we spend $8-10 to reach an audience of over 500

SIMPLE: Either Dad or I take the image/ video which is then uploaded. If Dad takes it, he also supplies me with a caption

TINY: One person is directly in charge of running this account (plus Dad who provides the content)



Making a website is something that I have never done and before this year, had never thought of. It has taken me quite a while to understand and develop a site that meets our criteria. Even through the site is far from done, it has undergone some major changes since the beginning of BCM206.


There is still information to add regarding the menu and functions but once Dad finally chooses a time for the new menu to be released (I’m thinking he’ll do it 1stJan 2020) the website will be live at the same time.

Once published I will be so proud to have created a platform where customers can access information about us.

Even though this aspect of my project isn’t readily available to the public, therefore not a direct part of my D.A. This subject has aided me in the skills and critical thinking necessary to create something from scratch.


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–       Learning about my audience –       Posting regularly
–       Thinking before posting –       Having images to post
–       Developing a website from scratch –       Originally learning how to make a website

My project has encouraged me to look at what I post in a professional manor. From my first D.A on my Rabbit to today, I have learnt what it takes to run both a Facebook and Instagram account. Running these accounts has made me realise how much time and effort goes into creating regular content.

Both accounts will continue on with the goal to find a weekly uploading schedule that works for me.

Our Sunday Music Sessions will continue to be promoted to my specific chosen audience.

Look out for the website going live as well as content that is posted!

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