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This semester has seen my project continue to grow and develop. Mybunnyfluff was more than a project, it was something I started back in August 2017 out of simply my own interest. Now it is still something I love to do, but BCM114 made me think about what I was posting, how and why. 


My plan this semester was to add on 3 aspects to my Instagram account. Accessories, exploring and recipes. Exploring-  was a no go, I decided to not to pursue this because putting Fluffy in an unfamiliar environment would be very stressful for him. Recipes – will be very rare but will be continuing. Fluffy has to eat a certain diet to make sure he remains healthy. This means that he can only have treats occasionally. Coming up with what to make and actually doing it was so much fun that I can’t wait to do it again eventually. Lastly is accessories, which is by far the cutest thing! Luckily Fluffy is a very relaxed Rabbit, he doesn’t mind being held or ‘dressed up’. So far the only challenges i’ve faced is having bad weather and 1 impatient Rabbit.


Just like from BCM112 my process has stayed the same this semester. The photos I take for Fluffy’s Instagram are what  I like to call everyday pics. Since Fluffy is a blind old man he does not get up to very much. Most days he is deciding which of the 2 holes he has dug in the background he will sleep in, (which ever one has the sun). And occasionally he will be on the move, mainly because he gets lost in the backyard… This means taking a picture of him is very easy. From here I play the waiting game until it is the right time to post for my U.S audience (ranges from 9pm – 3am.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 10.10.32 am.png


I originally made Fluffy’s Instagram to showcase how beautiful he was. I posted what I wanted, when I wanted and didn’t think too much about it. From here I started BCM112 where everything I did on Fluffy’s Instagram was important. BCM112 set the foundation and BCM114 was a new layer. The new content I am posting is because of content that I personally like to see on my timeline. I find it not only cute but interesting to see what people can get their Rabbits to do, especially since Rabbits have bold little personalities.

My next goal is to reach more accounts. I have over 650 followers but only roughly get 100 likes per post.  If i’m being honest I am not sure how to do this but it is something I WILL DO! I am also deciding whether or not to promote each of the accessory posts that I do. This is because it stands out from my content, and since it is so cute hopefully it will stand out from other peoples content. I also tag who makes the accessories, so may be it will 44769076_752771778393958_5157917450871767040_n.jpg

Besides all this, BCM114 has really helped me further progress my project! Of course Mybunnyfluff will be continuing. My next posts will be Fluffy doing nothing.. until Halloween where I will be posting on actual Halloween (for us 31st) and on Halloween for my US audience (1st Nov).
Thank you for another great semester!



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