D.A Beta Presentation


As stated in my Beta Presentation, I am exploring the world of artificial intelligence. This broad topic will be broken down into 3 sub-topics being:

  1. The history of artificial intelligence 
  2. The predictions for the future of A.I in the home
  3. How A.I is perceived in popular movies

Part 1 has been uploaded to Youtube but I am struggling to find a way to build engagement on my first post. My videos aren’t overly complex therefore my audience could be anyone who is interested in entry-level knowledge into this topic, like myself.
Even though I tweeted out the link under the BCM325 hashtag, no other engagement aside from my own has occurred. This is definitely something I’ll need to think about when I upload part 2. Perhaps incorporating Reddit into the feedback aspect would be helpful, as I know they are brutally honest over there.


Here is the link to PART1 of my D.A- The history of Artificial Intelligence 


One thought on “D.A Beta Presentation

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  1. Hey Taylor!

    Great to see that you have made a start on your DA! You have done a great job and it’s clear to see your interested in this topic as you have clearly planned out your process. Finding engagement is difficult but how you have approached it is fine! I would suggest talking to family and friends to see what their opinions are whether they are knowledgeable or not – they might even help you make your explanations better.

    I can’t wait to see the rest of what you do here!


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