Medium Is the Message Pt2 – Week 4

Craft and the logic of digital making:

Digital aesthetics: experimentation, error discovery, modification leading to unexpected outcomes = modifications responding to unexpected outcomes

One idea that stuck out to me after this weeks lecture and tutorial was the concept that our D.A’s are a craft. Generally meaning there is a continual risk during the process. On top of this idea, D.A’s often encounter glitches along the development stages, this could be as simple as a fault that stops something from being successful.

I decided to merge these 2 ideas and create a Youtube video that not only describes my D.A ( the craft ) but also the glitches I am currently experiencing. By working out the identified glitches, it means I am able to find ways around them in order to make my D.A work successfully / more efficiently.

Not only have I never made a Youtube video before, but thinking of a way to convey what I was trying to present was a challenge.





2 thoughts on “Medium Is the Message Pt2 – Week 4

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  1. Hi Taylor!
    I think its promising that you’ve already identified potential glitches with your D.A, and it will be interesting to see what strategies you can come up with to fix these! After all, digital crafting is a process of trial and error, and hopefully you find something that works! Look forward to seeing more of Fluffy.

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