Transmedia Stories From Block Busters To Hybrid And Distributed Content – Week 9

“Transmedia storytelling is the ideal aesthetic form for an era of collective intelligence” – Henry Jenkins

Transmedia stories are about building a world

Eg. The Matrix

  • Film trilogy
    • 1999 – The Matrix
    • 2003 – The Matrix Reloaded
    • 2003 – The Matrix Revoloutions
  • Anime
    • 2003 – The Animatrix
  • Graphic Novels
    • Several Comic books where released
  • Games
    • 2003 – Enter The Matrix (Released at the same time as ‘The Matrix Reloaded)
    • 2005 – 2 more were released

= 4 points of entry

By having different points of entry there is more engagement with the audience


By having a multiple number of entry points it allows for people of all ages and interests to engage in the franchise. A person may not have read the comic books, but have played the video games. Or may not have seen the original movies but have watched the anime version.

By doing this, the franchise is telling the same story across multiple channels. 

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