Does Beyonce Matter? – Week 4

Being a celebrity in a generation surrounded in a world of technology gives you some form of power. Everything you write has an impact on the people that follow you. Good and bad. One of the major celebrities in todays day and age is Beyonce. Beyonce is branded as a ‘Queen’. She is a singer, songwriter, actress, wife and mum. She does it all, hence why she is looked up to by young men and women across the world. But despite all this she is human too, she has been through a number of personal situations that have helped people overcome tough times. Such as a miscarriage, her husband cheating and family fights. She channels tough times into her music and this was reflected in her 2016 visual album Lemonade. Songs like:

‘Hold Up’

‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’


are just a few songs that showcase this. By pairing this album with its visual experience fans are able to visualise just how she felt during writing this album.

Beyonce is an openly proclaimed Feminist and 4 of her major songs that portray a message to its listeners are:


‘Grown Woman’

‘Pretty Hurts’

‘Run The World’

These songs are about the issues in society that affect women and are relatable on a number of levels. “Pretty hurts shine the light on whatever’s worse. Perfection is the disease of a nation” – Beyonce, Pretty Hurts. They touch on issues that matter.

Beyonce uses her fame for good to sing about topics that matter and inspire her listeners, she is trying to empower women.


Not everyone cares what celebrities have to say but, especially the older generation or people that disagree with the message that Beyonce is portray to the women of the world. Her music also isn’t everyones cup of tea. She can’t have it all.

I personally am not a Beyonce super fan or anything but I can’t deny her songs are a bop!! (Especially Single Ladies oooofft) I love the message that she expresses in her music and the positive message she has in her songs. The emotions portrayed in Lemonade even make me mad at men! She is blessed with 3 beautiful children and lives the life that everyone seems to what.
But it’s up to you personally whether of not you think Beyonce is worth it!



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  1. I am a huge fan of this blog post – it is both informative and commendable, yet with a personal approach. I love that you addressed her as “a human too”, above all of her professional images- proving that she is, like all of us, simply a woman with a dream. Your inclusion of her songs and elaboration on their meanings give your readers the idea that you have a strong foundation of knowledge regarding your topic. By adopting a more personal angle to finish your blog post, and by ending with a open statement, you leave the decision in the hands of the audience – forcing them to openly interpret and create their own opinions. Great job!


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