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If I’m being honest I wake up every morning at a different time depending on what my plans are for that day. This is my basic outline of every day. I attend Uni Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Monday = Alarm goes off at 8:00am

Tuesday = NO ALARM

Wednesday = NO ALARM

Thursday = Alarm goes off at 6:30am

Friday = NO ALARM

Even when the alarm doesn’t go off I am usually awake by 8:30 and from there my day starts. As soon as I wake up, using the Samsung Health App I log how many hours of sleep I got as my phone records it. Not only do I find it interesting but I like to check to make sure I get at least over 8 hours of sleep each night.

After this it is time to see what the rest of the world is up to. Starting off with Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and then finally YouTube. Once this ritual is complete it is time to get up. Every time I get ready of a morning I watch a YouTube video whilst I do it. I am an only child and my Dad works full time so our house is usually very quiet, so I probably do this to keep myself entertained but to also have some form of background noise going.


Night time is no different, its NETFLIX TIME. Both Dad and I spend our nights watching Netflix. Dad does it in the lounge room, while I watch it from my bed whist simultaneously doing Uni work on my laptop. Yes, as assumed my phone is not very far away either. As soon as the screen lights up I instantly get distracted, this is something I need to work on!! Usually later in the night my friend group and I video chat, tag each other in Facebook nonsense or even do a bit of online shopping. Thankfully at dinner time, dad and I have no phones at the dinner table policy. Not only is using your phone whilst eating rude in my opinion but it allows for dad and I to have a real conversation about our day.

“The media are an integral part of the way the everyday is conducted. First, on the surface, there are interactions and interferences with non-media-related forms of behaviour; the degree of attention depends on the time of day, on moods, the media message competes with other messages-for instance that one’s spouse is talking about something” – HERMANN BAUSINGER

The introduction of the NBN has made streaming and web browsing easier. My suburb has only recently been connected (2017) and the download / upload speeds are amazing. The NBN allows for both dad and I to be streaming multiple shows at a time as well as using social media. Even though the NBN has had some issues, thankfully I have not been affected by them! 

Technology is something that is taking over ever aspect of our lives. Internet, phones, computers, TV’s, streaming boxes, Bluetooth, stereos etc are used all over the world by everyone. Thinking ahead to the future it is hard to imagine where technology will possibly go, but all I can assume is it will continue to grow and enter every aspect of our lives.



Bausinger, H. (1984), ‘Media, Technology and Daily Life’, Media Culture and Society, Vol, 6, pp. 343 – 351

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