Bridges Made of Pebbles: social media and the transformation of journalism

Citizen Journalism has emerged as a way of gathering information ‘first hand’ with updates occurring in real time. An example of this may be when a protest is being held in Sydney, passes by are able to post out what is happening as they are witnessing it. Twitter is a great example of a platform that uses citizen  journalism. From the use of hashtags, users are able to be grouped together and share information/ discussions as they arise. These hashtags can then trend within our country and encourage other people to have a  look at the conversations happening. Even though this all sounds positive, using citizen journalism comes with the risk of people posting false information simply because they can.

My remediation this week is of what was currently trending on Twitter for me. This was captioned which topic will I post about? meaning that being online gives people the opportunity to post whatever they want about a topic, even if it isnt true.


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