Framing: Online Persona And The Construction Of Persona – Week 11 (12)

Does anyone else find Instagram very stressful? Personally I do and its way too hard.

You have to have some form of aesthetic on your account, perfect lighting, editing, filters, a good caption, have the right pose/ canard, and on top of all this; upload your picture at quote ‘PRIME TIME’. Sure what you’re doing in the picture is real but the rest is fake. By concealing what you leave out/ edit out of a photo frames what you want your audience to see. 

Lets talk about me. Considering the thought of Instagram makes my hair turn grey, I have another account which is followed by my close friends where I post WHAT EVER I DAMN WELL WANT TO, WHEN I WANT TO AND DOING WHATEVER I AM DOING! #StressFree

When one puts something on the internet for everyone to see, perceptions are made about that individual. Is this why an Instagram photo has to be perfect so people get a certain impression of you? I say yes

I feel like this image sums up Instagram… 

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