Public Sphere – Week 5

Due to a world that is full of ever-changing technology the way in which a group of people communicate has changed. Take the TV show ‘Friends’ for example, they would all meet up in a coffee shop and talk about what was going on in their lives. This happens today but through the use of social media, especially Facebook messenger which allows for group chats. The example of a coffee shop (public sphere) was created by Jurgen Habermas, he saw this as a place where men would go to discuss news and debate about ideas which was free from the state and the economy. A place to talk freely.

Social media has really impacted how this process happens today but in other ways has really helped.

Negative: The concept of meeting face-to-face has diminished. People no longer find the need to meet up and discuss what is happening in the world instead they do it from the comfort of their own home. This also plays into the aspect of convenience, people today just don’t have the time to meet up for a few hours once a week.

Positive: Social media allows for people such as myself to organise to meet up with their friends easily and conveniently 

So where is my public sphere?

How does it operate?

What are the issues that come out?

Who is excluded/included?

What roles does social media play?

I am 1/5 of my group of friends. 3 of us live within one street of each other, 3 of us go to UOW and 4 of us went through school together. Each week, one of us use our Facebook Messenger chat to make plans whether its dinner, Sydney adventures, sleepovers or going to the movies us girls do it.By using our group chat we are able to find a time and day that bet suits us all. Sure there are times that not everyone can make it but we try our best. Today (1st April) we met up for a picnic at Killalea State Park, in the Illawarra. Us girls are able to talk about everything and anything without any shame. We talk about a range of topics, especially American Politics and conspiracy theories. Being apart of such a beautiful group of friends makes me overly happy, can’t express how much I love these girls. We’ve been friends for over 7 years and seeing them every week is a highlight.

Everyones public sphere is different. This week I am excited to read other peoples blogs to see what each individual does. Maybe I can incorporate some of their ideas into my public sphere!


Turnbull, S 2018, ‘The Media Theory Toolbox’, Lecture, University of Wollongong, delivered 27 March 2018


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