Trajectories Of Convergence 3: Hardware Platforms, Permissions and Ideologies – Week 10

I thought of this weeks lecture content like baking a cake, this cake theory being the ‘Stack’ model. In order for a cake to work, it requires specific ingredients in a specific order. Miss a step or an ingredient and the cake simply wont work. An example of this regarding a platform is Facebook




If a single step in the process is removed then the ‘cake’ does not work. Each layer (with content always on top) relies on one another

Content relies on a chatbot

A chatbot relies on messenger

Messanger relies on Facebook

Everything needs to work simultaneously. Another way of remembering this is like a stack of pancakes. 

This week I chose to do a Soundcloud which showed the Facebook stacks occurring and then failing. I did this to show what happens when a piece of the stack is missing. This was my first Soundcloud so please be nice 

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