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39509068_503635000098247_9151123166448320512_n-e1534985957983.jpgGoing to the movies is somewhat of a reality getaway. Yesterday (18/8/18), myself and my friend who also does BCM241 Elissa Rhodes went to the movies to see ‘The Spy That Dumped Me.’

Torsten Hagerstrand was a professor who studied Human Migration. He identified 3 human constraints that affect how we manage the logistics of travel.

One: CAPABILITY: can I get there?

For myself I am yet to go for my drivers license so I rely on public transport, my dad or my friends to enable me to get from A to B. To get to the movies on Saturday my dad dropped me off and picked my back up once I was done. To be able to go to the movies you need to be able to pay for it. I am a Cinebuzz member so my ticket cost $11, instead of $14.50. I paid for my ticket by card (I also bought a small lemonade.)

Two: COUPLING: at the right time?

Since I went to the movies with Elissa we both needed to agree on a time that was mutually appropriate, this time being 12:50. Our local movie theatre is Event Cinemas at Shellharbour. Originally we had invited 3 other friends but 12:50 didn’t work for them, so they missed out. Elissa had work on the Saturday afternoon and I had an appointment in the morning so 12:50 was the only session that suited us both. Elissa and I both arrived 10 minutes before the movie started to allow for us to buy our tickets / snacks and to take some pictures of our surroundings.


Three: AUTHORITY: am I allowed to be there?

The movie we chose to see ‘The Spy That Dumped Me’ was rated MA 15+ (violence and brief nudity) meaning that there are age restraints for those who are younger. Thankfully being 19 means the rules don’t apply. Purchasing with my Cinebuzz card allowed me to receive a discount on my ticket price. After purchasing a ticket usually there is a staff member before the cinema entry that checks your ticket and tells you what cinema number your movie is in. On Saturday there was no one checking tickets.




Right away it became clear that 12:50 was not a very busy time at our local movie theatre. There were 3 people in front of us and 2 behind us. Once it was our turn to be served I ordered 1 movie ticket and a small lemonade, Elissa ordered 1 movie ticket and a packet of Mars Pods. Our cinema #4 was right at the front to thankfully we didn’t have far to go.


There were already some people in the cinema when Elissa and I arrived. While the ads were playing (before the lights went off) people were still entering. These are the people who were sitting in ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’, that I saw whilst I could still see:

  • Elissa and I
  • An old couple
  • A group of 3 friends
  • 1 pair of teens on a date
  • Mother and younger son (approx. 10)
  • Mother and older daughter (approx. early 20’s)
  • Family (mum, dad and 3 kids (under 10)
  • Family (mum, dad and 2 kids (over 10)

All of these people were seated in the middle seating section of the cinema. Everyone that came in whilst it was dark sat on the outer row seats.

From people young and old of varying interests, a social environment or a place to go alone, the cinema is a location that attracts people due to the fact that there is something for everyone.



Hagerstrand’s Time Geography (review by John Corbett

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