Medium Is The Message

I’ve had a tough week trying to figure out this concept. Hence why it is 8pm on a Sunday night and I am now only doing this.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 7.58.33 pm

The introduction to technology has changed the way society not only consumes information but also shares it. In the past society has gone from meeting up for lunch to see how our friends are doing, to simply sending ‘hru?’ on Facebook Messenger. Technology allows for us to know things instantly and conveniently, allowing you the audience to be in control. The ‘medium’ is constantly always happening and until Monday I had not really considered this. Everyday the choices we make can change the medium. eg. clothing. The world is an audience so what you put out there is available for everyone to see and view.  Even simply by posting this blog I am making an extension of myself – a medium. WOO!

This concept still confuses me but I will eventually figure it out!!

2 thoughts on “Medium Is The Message

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  1. Hey Taylor
    This was a great blog post! I really liked your perspective of the medium as the message, especially with things such as what clothes you wear which I had never considered before!
    Good job 🙂


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