The Internet of Things: from networked objects to anticipatory spaces

I have a networked home. We have a Google Home Mini, a chrome-cast in the Tv and LIFX lights which allow us to control them through the Google Home as well as from our phones. Is this necessary ? No not really but is it cool. YES
Our networked home has slowly progressed over the last year with the first introduction being the Google Home Mini. Even though these technological advancements are designed to make life easier, it is also scary to think about what they actually know.For example asking my google home ‘what is  my address?’ she is able to tell me this information. She can also tell me my phone number, age, birthday and full name. And Im sure other information that I’ve been too scared to ask.

My remediation this week is imply that my google home is always listening and is collecting data from me without my knowledge 👀

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