I have grown up in an era where phones have transformed from ‘bricks’ to the amazing completely glassed designs that they are today. I was very fortunate as a youngster to be given a phone at a very young age. From memory I was 9ish. I remember taking photos of anything I could see, especially my Dog at the time, Milo. Something about me wanted to capture every moment. From him sleeping, eating, walking, being dressed up by young me and even the sad moments when he would try and hide from me!


Today, nothing has changed expect Milo has passed and I now capture everything to do with my 10 year old Rabbit, Fluffy. He honestly cannot do anything without having it captured by me. I received Fluffy for my 10th birthday and over the past 2 years I have slowly seen him start to age. Today he is completely blind which for me, makes capturing each moment that more special.

Last semester I did subject BCM112, which for my Digital Artefact did an Instagram and Blog dedicated completely to Fluffy. This allowed me to use the 3572304023523 pictures I already had of him but to also take a million more. Lucky Fluffy!


In my opinion, taking images of your pets is an amazing display of love. Fluffy is so important to me and by being able to document every aspect of his now senior life is beautiful. I try to capture images of him everyday. An extension of this is his Instagram and blog which allow for me to share my love for him with the world. And by being able to do this is mind blowing!

Instagram : @mybunnyfluff


Blog: https://mybunnyfluff.wordpress.com

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