Pt1 The Power Of Networks – Week 6

This weeks lecture fell on a public holiday!

Distributed Journalism and Collective Intelligence – Travis

The news we consume is filtered by gatekeepers (editorial rooms, broadcasters, distributors, printers) before it reaches us.

Due to social media any one today can provide their own form of journalism. Simply take a photo of something happening, upload it to Facebook, BOOM thats a form of journalism. This way of consuming news has had impacts on newspapers. “To survive, the legacy news media has to literally stop the audience from acting as a publisher”


Exploring The Dynamics Of Online Conflict Information Flows – Doug

Collective intelligence is how social media in todays sense operates. Everyone has an opinion on what is happening. Social media connects one another and allows for anyone to say anything about anything at anytime. And as assumed this has issues.

There are both positives and negatives to collective intelligence


  • First hand accounts
  • Real People
  • Personal reflects
  • No one sided news / images


  • Not everything is real
  • Fake news


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  1. I totally agree with you on the fact that there are both positives and negatives. Perhaps another thing you could have written about is that sometimes the fake news can be spread instead of the real news. I find so often that people buy into the fake news because of its shock value. I remember at one point somebody had said that Nicholas Cage had died in a snowboarding accident which obviously turned out to be untrue, but heaps of people believed it because it kept being spread.


  2. Hey, I totally agree with the positive and negative of people posting their own news. I noticed that fake news tends to spread quicker than regular, real news because of its shock factor. I remember at some point someone had said that Nicholas Cage had died in a snowboarding accident, which obviously didn’t happen but everyone believed them.


  3. Your format of subheadings and a pros and cons list is very unique and easy to read. However, by categorising your subheadings as what you’ve learned from both Travis and Doug you are limiting your audience to only fellow BCM 112 students. Obviously, this is a university task and we may be only creating content for an assignment. But your aesthetic with the snapchat bitmojis makes your blog very relatable and has so much potential to appeal to a wider audience. Perhaps catering your content more towards the general public would help your audience grow?


  4. Hi Taylor! This was an enjoyable, informative read. I like the way you presented a broad range of information, making it concise and simple for the reader to understand. Perhaps another negative you haven’t considered is that journalism as a profession is becoming obsolete as a result of this style of journalism. For example, this happened last year in Australia:
    Overall, great job!


  5. Hey, It’s crazy considering the rapid changes in the way we share/collaborate information, for example, the shift from centralized to a distributed network. I really liked how you described this change in relation to journalism, ‘anyone can take a photo and post it’, with this notion in mind its crazy to see how accurate it is throughout events in the media, for example, the Las Vegas shootings. Seconds after the attack took place, photos and videos were already being shared online. Recently Childish Gambino released his song ‘this is America’, the video clip reflects this notion and overall assesses gun violence in America.

    Awesome response!


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