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Annotated bibliography 1: Globalization, or the logic of cultural hybridization: the case of the Korean wave

Ryoo, W. (2009). “Globalization, or the logic of cultural hybridization: the case of the Korean wave.” Asian Journal of Communication, vol 19 (2), pp. 137-151, Accessed: 19th August 2018

Woongjae Ryoo’s article explores the Korean Wave as well as cultural hybridization. Due to South Korea’s film industry being 7th in the world and the rise of KPOP the popularity for the South Korean industry has risen. The term ‘Korean Wave’ refers to the popularity of Korea in other Asian countries. Aspects of the Korean culture such as film, hair and clothing are now being adopted in countries such a China. Ryoo goes on to say that Korean films showcase themes that relate to their Asian viewers such as family, For KPOP the shows are breathtaking, due to their large economy South Korea is able to finance their entertainment industry efficiently. Cultural hybridity is when ‘local cultural agents and actors interact and negotiate with global forms, using themas resources through which local people construct their own cultural spaces.’ This is important to South Korea as it is a framework to understand the culture and can be seen through the success of their cinema movies. This relates to week 4 as national identity was covered. By South Korea using themes that relate directly to their audience, the themes may be love and family, the film industry is relying Asian history and culture.

Annotated Bibliography 2: ‘Global Hollywood’

Miller, T 2010, ‘Global Hollywood’, International Journal of CommunicationOnline Article, Accessed 22nd August 2018

Hollywood is everywhere, its movies, tv programs, award shows and computer games. Toby Miller’s article explains just how powerful Hollywood is, it dominates the industry. He refers to it as ‘the largest export industry the U.S has’. Not only does Hollywood consume its viewers in content, it also has negatives. Miller states that Hollywood plays a role in the international economy; a global empire. The industry comes under fire for stereotypes, exploiting children, advertisements through product placement and for cheapening sex. Meaning it is in trouble for the stories that are told. These themes that are shown ‘penetrate every wall, home, life and mind’. Due to the introduction of streaming services such as Netflix, people have stopped going to the movies. Instead, choose to watch on demand what they want, when they want, without the interruption of any advertisements. Meaning ‘Hollywoods revenues from DVD purchase is decreasing.’ In today’s society people are also able to pirate movies, which again causes a loss in revenue. This article relates to week 4 as Hollywood is considered the most well known film industry. In recent times due to technological advances Hollywood is economically failing. Will this result in another film industry such as Nollywood taking the number one spot? Film industries need to find a way to recover from platforms such as Netflix in order to stay competitive in the market.

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