Research Assignment – Reflection

This project has been both rewarding and challenging. I chose the topic of typing vs handwriting back in the #MyCuriosity week as it was an aspect of the student experience that I was genuinely interested in. From here assignment 1 and 2 pushed me to think further about what it was I was researching. I’m proud of myself to see the final work that I’ve produced. Not everything was smooth sailing but


  1. This isn’t necessarily an issue, but early on I became aware of another student that was attempting to research a similar topic as myself. This concerned me for a second, as what would happen if she had different conclusions than me? From here I set out to look into this topic as much as I could, so that I knew my work was what I wanted.
  2. Time: This semester so many of my assignments were moved back which changed my Gantt chart significantly.
    • Stress: Another 40% assignment was moved, so both these assignments were due on the 10th.
  3. Survey responses: Since we were confined to the students in the subject I initially thought I would get so many responses as everyone else would be needing them too. By the end of week 12 I had 25 responses, which was disappointing as our subject had quite a larger number of students. Was also very hard to get people early on to take the time to answer my survey, it wasn’t until later when everyone was rushing that the responses started coming in.
  4. Interview: Initially I was setting out to test the 2 methods head to head. I had two students agree to help me and time was allocated. This fell through when the lecture that was on before we were meeting was cancelled. So these students didn’t come to Uni. From here it was too late on my Gantt chart to continue with this as I was running out of time. This was then switched to simply interviewing these two students.


Being the first research assignment I’ve done, I thought It was very hands on, interesting and fun. I’ve learnt new skills and techniques that I didn’t know previously in such a short period of time.  Even though I’ve had some issues with my project, I was able to work around them to ensure my work wasn’t affected significantly. This is definitely something I would do again now that I know how to do it. Hopefully the next time I do a research project I’ll be able to prevent as many issues as I can. But overall I really did enjoy this assignment. Being able to produce statistics that I gathered myself and showcase them was somewhat rewarding! Thank you!


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