Complex Image

  • Find a complex image
  • What is represented?
  • What could this image mean?
  • Is it possible to read this image another way/ more ways
Sisley – Fashioin Junkie (2007)

Denotation: (Definition) 

This image shows two young females “snorting” a white dress. In the image the females are using straws to get their high. Due to their outfits and makeup it is assumed they have come from a party/ or are going to one.

Connotation: (Secondary meaning)

  • Fashion can be as addictive as drugs
  • Can’t stop purchasing
  • ‘Drugs’ are expensive like the brand
  • Money to spend
  • Party life style
  • Youth

Sisley is an expensive brand, and is aimed towards an older audience that can afford to purchase their products. This advertisement could suggest to this audience a sense of nostalgia as the 70’s 80’s and 90’s are known for their drugged up party scene. Making them remember the good times they had back in the day when they may have been part taking in such activities.

This weeks task was to choose a complex image. The image I have chosen is from my tutorial. I thought this image was interesting and really wanted to do it for my post. My group explored the possible outcomes of this picture and how it would feel for other audiences as well as who we thought the target audience was. As we learnt in the lecture, people interpret ‘signs’ differently based off their ideological position, and this was proven. As I did MARK101 last year this concept is somewhat familiar and I really enjoyed exploring it further this week. In the tutorials we went through a number of images as well as youtube videos and discussed all aspects of what we were shown. It was so interesting to see the varying opinions and reasoning for this. By doing this task in groups I was able to make new friends within my tutorial.29340012_776065172582725_8727775189338685440_n.png

By looking at ‘signs’ differently we are able to see the world from various perspectives and understand different peoples reasonings for their views. Images are designed to get certain messages across to their audience. By taking the time to break a certain image, eg an advertisement us the viewers can attempt to understand what the intended purpose was.

I cant wait to explore this concept further and think about this idea next time I see a complex image!!


Z, J. (2018). Fashion Junkie | NewsActivist. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Mar. 2018].


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