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MyBunnyFluff is the D.A that I started last semester for BCM112 and am now continuing it on in BCM114.

I first met Fluffy in early February 2008, 2 weeks after his litter was born where I was given the chance to name some of the new little bunnies. Fluffy was one of them. (9 year old me was not very creative). For my 10th birthday in August 2008 I was surprised with Fluffy. This moment has changed the past 10 years.

INSTAGRAM: @mybunnyfluff

Fluffy’s Instagram originally started in late August 2017 as just something I was interested in. Everyone loves cute animal pictures so I wanted to make my own. Thankfully BCM112 made me think about all the aspects of what I wanted my Instagram account to be and where I wanted it to go. (Image on the left is from the beginning of BCM112, the image on the right is from the beginning of BCM114). 

These techniques allowed for me to grow my audience/following and transform my account into one that I am very proud of.

My account is where I post pictures of Fluffy as well as excerpts from the blog that is also about him. Over the past year his account has grown to be a place where other users have taken a care to him and what he is up to. Not many Rabbits live to see the ripe old age of over 10 so there is a somewhat unique aspect to him. Fluffy is not only old but is now completely blind and has had a few health issues. By openly posting about these encounters Fluffy’s followers have travelled with him throughout his journey and this has given me the opportunity to interact with other Rabbit owners who are going through the same issues as me. His account as also encouraged me to be apart of a beautiful community that also love their bunnies. There are so many accounts dedicated to their Rabbits. This community respect, care and help other people who might be new Rabbit owners or simply those who need a bit of help. By being apart if this little world I am able to attract a following which I can encourage to transfer over to Fluffy’s blog if interested.

Start of BCM112

Start of BCM114

WORDPRESS: https://mybunnyfluff.wordpress.com

This blog is the 2nd part of my DA. I created my blog to be a place full of first hand information that I have learnt over the past 10 years of owning a Rabbit. Rabbits are very intricate pets to own as they need a certain diet and lifestyle, receiving Fluffy at 10 meant that I knew nothing. I owned 1 Rabbit book and the vet told me the rest = here I am. Every Rabbit has a different personality thankfully Fluffy is so placid he has no care in the world, my blog is all about every aspect of him. My blog also contains images which can create a sense of relation to the reader. The blog has categories ranging from food to grooming to visiting the vet. Still, there is so much more information and stories to be told which is what I plan on doing in BCM114.

Start of BCM112


Start of BCM114


This semester not only do I wish to add more information to my blog but I also want to add a lifestyle section to both the Instagram and blog.

  • Recipes
  • Adventures
  • Clothing

I feel like there might be an opportunity to further grow my community my having more relatable subject matter. This content also excites me so I hope it goes well.

F- ast: Instagram is a platform that allows for photos to be shared instantly. Blog posts do take a bit more time (approx. 30 minutes). Both platforms allow for me to do my work on the go. Sometimes I write my blog posts at home and sometimes I do it at University
I – nxpensive: Instagram and WordPress are free to use
S – imple: Having an understanding of technology allows for the uploading of content of both Instagram and WordPress means the process is simple. The setting up aspect of the blog took the most amount of time to get it to look how I wanted, but once this was achieved the blogging itself is simple.
T – iny: I am the only person that runs both the Instagram and WordPress

Hopefully over this next semester the changes I make to both my platforms are effective. I am so happy with the progress I have made and cannot wait to see what the result are at the end of BCM114.

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