D.A – Prototyping

Since choosing to continue on my DA from BCM112, I have felt somewhat happier with how my project is going. Thankfully by continuing, it has given me an advantage as I already know my audience/ the content to post/ when is the best time to post and how to interact.

From the end of BCM112 (left)  to BCM114 (right) now, there has been very little change to who my audience is.

The content that I like to post on Fluffy’s account is kind of relaxed, meaning that not a lot of effort goes into it. I could be inside and look out the window and see Fluffy asleep, go take a picture of him and later that night upload it. Simple as that. #FIST! Most of the accounts that I follow do the same, it brings a sense of your Rabbits personality to the account. From these pictures it has become my accounts aesthetic. The brown garden bed, grass and Fluffy (who is usually relaxing)

My goal for BCM114 was to add on to what I had already created, with content that I personally enjoy and with what I feel as though my audience would too.

This being 

  • Recipes
  • Accessories
  • Exploring

So far I have managed to achieve 2 out of 3 of my initial goals. Recipes and accessories.

Accessories – I went to Kmart and bought 4 bowties in the pet section. To be able to take a picture I had to put Fluffy on a small table in front of a hedge in our garden because as soon as I but him back on the grass he would run away. Considering he is blind he did not enjoy this and kept jumping forward to me hoping i’d catch him. Meaning, i’ve only managed to take pictures of him in 1 of the 4 bowties.

Despite this being not what I normally post, the picture had good engagement with his followers.

Still to come are the other 3 bowties, a hat i’ve ordered off eBay that wont be here until October and anything else that I manage to find.


Recipes –  This section I have only managed to complete 1 recipe but am thinking about giving some of the recipes I have saved a try when I have a spare moment. Again I was pretty happy with the response to my 1st attempt.


Fluffy’s blog has also been doing well. End of BCM112 is on the left and a current update for BCM114 is on the right. The other week I went through the blog and made any changes/updates that needed to happen. More still needs to be posted on here but the response to Fluffy’s blog is so good.

Thankfully due to BCM112, my project is moving along smoothly. By prototyping last semester it has allowed for me to be more confident in my DA and what I post. The Rabbit community on Instagram is very loving and caring towards the people/Rabbits they follow, that is why by wanting to add the 3 other aspects (recipes, accessories and exploring) I knew that they would be accepted well!

2 thoughts on “D.A – Prototyping

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  1. This is actually the cutest thing I have ever seen. It is simple and creative. I have never seen anything like this. No one really appreciates bunnies. It so nice you can expand on it from the other class and must relieve stress. I love the stuff you are creating like the recipes and the props for him. He looks so handsome with the bowtie, for sure makes people smile. Bunnies do have personalities and you are reminding people that they do. I like how you are posting recipes because anyone who has a bunny can look and make what you are creating. People are so involved with dog instagrams, so I love seeing something new and now I want to follow this page because he is so handsome and want to see what creative ideas you come up with. I love it keep it up!!

    Mariah Chemali


  2. Hi Taylor, your DA seems to be progressing nicely! I especially like how you included a blog and recipes made for Fluffy. You seem to have a good engagement and have carved out a nice little niche for yourself.
    I myself tried a blog for my DA, Kurrent Spill, an Instagram page dedicated to the Kardashian Klan. I struggled a lot with engagement concerning my blog. My Instagram page took off and continued to draw engagement but few explored further to read the blog which was displayed in the bio on the Instagram page. So I am very impressed with your success on both Instagram and your blog.
    I think in order to continue to draw engagement you should explore the bow ties, recipes and even take up on the offers for a play date for your bunny! This will only provide more content and increase interest to further your Instagram and blog.
    I wish you all the best on this journey and hope your DA proves a real hit!


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