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BOX-IT and The Instantaneous Delivery!



This semester my group and I developed the idea of a new form of postal service, BOX-IT.  One of the reasons for this is the constant advance of technology that has acquired us to want things now. This contrasts to receiving online deliveries which can often take weeks. BOX-IT will set out to put an end to this hassle and give consumers the opportunity to satisfy their needs instantly.

My digital essay is inspired by the theory of a ‘shared economy – on demand services’. This relates to the immediate access of good and services. The internet has given us new ways of sharing not just on a small scale; e.g. friends and family but on a larger scale such as worldwide. Belk (2014). BOX-IT fits into what a shared economy is as it is peer to peer sharing.  A 2016 Forbes article titled The Sharing Economy – What It Is, Examples, And How Big Data, Platforms And Algorithms Fuel It,  states that in regards to a shared economy “ …the company is rarely the actual service provider; instead they act as the facilitator, making the transaction possible, easy and safe for both the provider and the user”. This means that our product further fits into this theory as it is encouraging not just individuals but also businesses to use our services for their own uses whatever they may be. Our main goal for this product is to allow users to live in the moment instead of worrying about whether they’ve missed a delivery or if it will be delayed due to rush periods such as Christmas.

Our group chose to release this new to the market product in 2035. Therefore, my digital essay takes the form of a movie trailer, COMING SOON. Therefore, giving the audience an insight as to what the future holds. The choice to release this product in 2035 came from an Industry Report of Australia Post. This report detailed that technology is causing the decline of the postal industry, seeing a major decline by 2024. By 2020 it is expected that drones will be a major contender for delivery (Sawadsitang, 2018).Hopefully by 2035 the world is ready for instantaneous delivery. Another part of my essay is I wanted to show how it was going to work. Since the product hasn’t been developed yet I was confined to using a variety of images to replica what the experience will be like. This consisted of 14 images that displayed the scenario of missing someone’s birthday and just how easy BOX-IT is to use.

I decided to display my work on YouTube as this is a platform for individuals to upload their creativity. With over 30 million active daily users (Omnicore, 2019) there is guaranteed to be someone online that has an interest in futuristic developments, even from a no name like me. This project has really inspired me to think more broadly about the world we live in regarding technological advancements. The aim of my digital essay is to encourage individuals to contemplate where the world is leading and the possibilities that this may hold.





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