The Power Of Networks Pt2 – Week 7

Nothing that is seen today is an ‘original idea’. Ever stuck on an idea? ASK THE INTERNET – the internet allows for anything and everything to be copied, modified, remixed and re- released. Us as an audience are now active in the way we share the content we produce.

Memes for example are just remixed images, videos and ideas from others slapped together to portray an idea / message. Anyone can make them, about anything, for anything and can be easily distributed. A meme can be here one day and gone the next. They rely on people re-sharing and making their own remix in order to survive.

Does anyone actually know who makes them? NOT REALLY.

They are inexpensive, anonymous, easy and made to enjoyed!

By branding the internet as a ‘copy machine’ it has flow on effects for jobs that have creative aspects, such as graphic designers. This is a profession that has taken a hit and will need to adapt in order to survive. Good luck!


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