BCM313 Reflection


This has been one of the best subjects that I have ever take at University. It has opened my eyes to thinking and reflecting on the workforce today as well as in the future. I was a part of the writers’ group, which was such an amazing opportunity to have. I am not the most comfortable with using ZOOM as a learning platform, so being given the option to simply participate in class at my leisure, without a camera was a god sent. Using Slack with the many different tabs made finding any information that I might need regarding an assignment or content for class. Everything that Sue has provided for us has been so generous.

Learning about peoples values and the art of story telling are two standout aspects of this subject that not only I have taken away,  but also plan on using in my now daily life.
All I can do is praise the work and support that Sue and the tutors have put into running this subject in general but also during a global pandemic that turned the world upside down.
There is absolutely nothing that I would change about this subject but I cannot recommend it enough for BCM students to take!

Thank you everyone!

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