Digital Artefact Wk2

When asked to do a digital artefact there were 2 main points of advice that stuck out to me

  1. Do something you are interested in
  2. Create something you will continue when the subject is over

Luckily for me I already run an Instagram account that was created in August 2017. I run an Instagram account for my Rabbit Fluffy. He is 10 years old, blind in one eye and means the world to me. I received him for my 10th birthday in 2008. By creating this Instagram I am not only post pictures of Fluffy to show the world, to make friends with other Rabbit owners, learn new things but to also be apart of a community that until last year, I didn’t know existed.29026184_772743369581572_5417279805638836224_n

Popular Rabbit accounts include:

  • @bunnymelv – Sweeden – 113K followers
  • @mr.teddybunny – Sydney – 54.8K followers
  • @bunnynamedbentley – Holland – 70.5K followers
  • @bunnymama – unknown – 796K followers

From here, starting on the 6th of March 2018 I asked my followers if I should start a blog considering not may Rabbits live to the age of 10.

The response to making a blog was positive. So on the 9th March 2018 I launched my blog on WordPress.  

My blog has categories of information that has helped me along the way and the essential parts on information that everyone needs to know either before purchasing a Rabbit or after. There are many other topics to post about and I cannot wait to see where this takes me.

The blog is slowly having more content being added to it, posts are scheduled to go up every 2 days to keep an people returning to my blog.

Since I’ve started this blog I have had a number of views from all over the world, which I think is amazing.

  • I have been added/ posted my accounts into 2 Australian Rabbit community pages on Facebook
  • Posted about it on Fluffys Instagram / have blog link in the Instagram bio
    • The use of hashtags on the posts bring people to the posts on Instagram where my blog is linked
  • Posted it on my personal Twitter
  • Posted it on Reddit and in a Rabbit live chat on Reddit


I have been talking to a lady from Michigan, USA through Fluffy’s Instagram, whose Rabbit also made it to 10 and developed a cataract on its eye too. She has been very helpful in telling me what she did for her bunny to make sure it was okay. Its amazing to be apart of a community that is not only supportive of Rabbits and their individual differences but also one that shares/helps out other Rabbit owners that have shared the same experiences.

I am very very happy with the progress that I have made with this.

I know my Instagram and blog isn’t everyones cup of tea but this is something I am interested in and I cannot wait to see where this takes me.


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