All About Me


Hey i’m Taylor and welcome to my blog!!!
Here are a few things about me to get started

  1. Im an only child
  2. Favourite colour is red
  3. Favourite tv shows are Brooklyn Nine Nine and American Horror Story
  4. Have a few bad experiences with Vodka
  5. 2009 music is unquestionably the best
  6. Samsung user
  7. Favourite animal is a Panda
  8. Chocolate milk is a way of life
  9. I have a 10 year old rabbit named Fluffy
  10. I’m a Leo

I started my UOW journey last year (2017) by getting early entry into doing Commerce.
Safe to say by the end of my first year I hated it and hated myself more for picking it. Wasn’t my smarted move.


I had a meeting with the Head of Students for Business as I really needed help with what to do in 2018 because if I did my second year of commerce I was going to have a mental breakdown. Thats when the suggestion came up that I tried Communications and Media. So here I am now in my second year, doing the first year subjects for Communications and Media.

Enjoy my blog!

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